Corinne Jeannine Schillings Foundation

Like the evergreen... she is always awake and watching over us!

The Corinne Jeannine Schillings Foundation is dedicated to preserving the memory of Corinne Schillings by providing a living legacy through education.

Corinne & Cozy

July 1, 1977  -  March 6, 2004



The Story of the Evergreen

When the world was created the great spirit toiled for days and nights.

In an effort to remain awake, the spirit enlisted several animals and plants to help with the mighty tasks at hand.

In the end only a few animals remained alert.

To these, the owl, the cat, and the panther the spirit awarded nocturnal vision.

The only tree to remain watchful was the evergreen, who the spirit allowed to never lose its color or sleep in the winter.

Like the evergreen, Corinne will always be awake and watching over us.

This story was told to Gabe Logan by his Choctaw grandmother.           Gabe is a friend of Corinne’s father.

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