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The Corinne Jeannine Schillings Foundation is dedicated to preserving the memory of Corinne Schillings by providing a living legacy through education.

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July 1, 1977  -  March 6, 2004


Frequently Asked Questions

Academic Scholarship Questions


How do I prove I am major/minoring in a foreign language if I’m not yet in college, or can’t declare a major/minor until Sophomore year?

If you are currently a college student your transcript, which you need to submit along with the application, will list your major/minor and the course(s) you have already taken - thus, verifying that you meet the qualification.

If you are currently in high school and are going to college next year there are several alternatives to verify your major/minor. If you have a letter of acceptance from the college/university it should show your planned major/minor; or, if you don't have that, then a letter from the admissions person you are working with at the college/university, stating your intended major/minor, will do; or, finally, if neither of those are available, you can have your high school guidance counselor write a letter indicating the language you took in high school, and your intended major/minor language in college.


Does the letter of recommendation need to be from a current volunteer or can it be from a retired volunteer.

As long as the volunteer knows you well, they do not have to be active, they can be a “former” volunteer.


I am taking a foreign language in college, but I am not majoring in it, am I eligible for the award?

The Academic Scholarships to Study a Foreign Language are meant only for students that have a major/minor in a foreign  language.  However, the Scholarship to Study Abroad is meant for students regardless of their major. (see scholarship guidelines posted on the web site).


Are students that are in high school after July 1 eligible for the scholarships?

No. The scholarships are intended to support undergraduate applicants that are currently or will be attending an accredited four year college or university as a full-time student during the year. Therefore, only a high school student that is a senior, with proof of acceptance to a four year college or university would be eligible.


Are students that attend a community college eligible?

Not while attending the community college. The scholarships are intended to support undergraduate applicants that are currently or will be attending an accredited four year college or university as a full- time student.  However, an applicant that has proof of acceptance to a four year college or university following their community college experience can apply.


I am a high school senior and plan to attend a foreign university next year, with a major in foreign language. The following year I plan to transfer back to my state university (I have been accepted to both universities). Am I eligible to apply for the scholarships?

You are eligible to apply for both. The Academic Scholarship supports silver or gold recipients in their pursuit of a major or minor in a foreign language as long as it is at an accredited four year college or university – whether that accredited university is in the United States or abroad.  Although most students pursue foreign study nearer the end of their academic training, studying abroad earlier in your education is acceptable.


If I am awarded a scholarship how will I receive the money?

No money will be given directly to the individual recipient. Scholarship awards will be paid directly to the four year college or university the recipient is attending. This is a common practice for virtually all institutions of higher learning and we will work with the recipient and the institution to make sure the scholarship award is credited to their account.


I am applying for the scholarship and have to provide proof that I have my silver award. Is a copy of the letter the council sent notifying me of my receipt of the award sufficient proof?



Do I need an “official” copy of my transcript, or will a copy be sufficient?

You do not need an “official” copy of your transcript, a copy or a print-out copy of an internet transcript will do.


I am hoping to study abroad for the Academic Year. I was wondering if I can apply for both the Travel Study Scholarship and the Academic Scholarship?


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